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Sunday, June 28, 2015

I've recently discovered that my infatuation with fashion is, more than anything, an infatuation with accessories. I love clothes but I'm realizing that what I really love, what I really get excited about, is accessories. Shoes, bags, jewelry (especially rings), hats - these are the things that I'm usually lusting after. An outfit isn't really complete or unique without accessories anyway!

When it comes to wearing accessories myself, I'm pretty conservative. I do wear six rings (four on one hand, two on the other) but they're the same six every day. I wear the same necklace that my best friend got me for Christmas every day, along with the same Casio watch (that I love dearly) and the same sunglasses. As I'm working an unpaid internship this summer, I don't really have much money to be spending on accessories (or clothes, or anything, really) at the moment, but I've decided to put together a sort of accessories lust list to get myself thinking about branching out more! 

Here are the things I've been lusting over lately, things I've been adding to my sets, and things I would love to add to my wardrobe! 

A little more commentary under the cut as well!

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What's In My Bag: Internship Edition

Friday, June 19, 2015

Since I’m two weeks into my internship, I thought it was about time to do a What’s in My Bag: Internship Edition post! I know What’s in my Bags are usually really popular on Youtube, but I don’t see why it can’t be adapted to blog format! Here’s my attempt!

                THE BAG: I commute about half an hour to 45 minutes into midtown Manhattan every Monday-Thursday for my internship at a parenting magazine. My bag is more or less the only thing I bring with me – it’s hot, so I like to keep the things I’m lugging around to a minimum. Right now, I’m using a Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B.Satchel in black with silver hardware and I’m absolutely in love with it! I’ve been seriously crushing on all things Rebecca Minkoff since I got my Mini M.A.B. in white, and this bag hasn’t disappointed. It meets all my criteria at the moment – it’s got short straps and long straps, a zipper, pockets, and silver hardware – and it can hold nearly everything I need it to.