Obsession of the Moment: Calum Hood

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Menswear style is a huge inspiration to me. I often wear dresses and skirts because they're so comfortable, but if tight as hell skinny jeans were just as easy to move in, I'd be wearing them every single day. Lately, I've been absolutely loving Calum Hood's (bassist and vocalist in 5 Seconds of Summer) everything - his style, his aesthetic, his life. His color palette is exactly the kind I live for - blacks and greys and whites, sometimes with a little pop of color. While I'm usually a Michael girl when it comes to 5SOS, I haven't been able to get enough of Calum lately, so here I am.

I would say Calum's style can be characterized by his ripped skinny jeans, (black, of course) sneakers, combat boots, beanies, band tshirts, snapbacks, and flannels. His essentials are pretty similar to mine, which might explain why I've been crushing on his look so much lately. Recently, he's also been wearing round frame sunglasses, which are my go-to sunnies at the moment as well! They compliment his face perfectly, and inspired me to buy my own pair.

Calum loves beer and dogs and good music as well, which are just more things I relate to.  I'm loving absolutely everything about him at the moment, and I felt like I had to share it somewhere! I've made a collage of some of my favorite looks that Calum has stepped out in (think cozy oversized tops + super tight jeans + a hat) and a few sets of inspired looks to try to deal with my obsession in a healthy way. I'm also including some of my favorite Calum tweets and looks that didn't make it into the collage because, you know, why not?

xx g

(All the photos I've used in this post came from my favorite 5SOS updates site, hotdamn5sos)

Calum Looks by gwenalmighty on polyvore.com

:))) this is probably my all time favorite picture of Calum

I relate to this 200%

I can't get over the sunnies!

this is a Look with a capital L 
it's funny because it's his own label

me too


Thursday, May 21, 2015

            One of my biggest career dreams is to work in the magazine world. I’m completely fascinated by magazines, and I take a lot of my inspiration from the articles and images in my favorites. I’m subscribed to Marie Claire, ELLE, Vogue, and Teen Vogue, and every month I spend countless hours looking through their pages. I’m totally enamored by almost everything I see. I know lots of people make inspiration boards and walls with magazine clippings, but because I don’t have enough wall space, I make an inspiration book.

            After I finish reading my favorite magazines I go through them again to cut out the things that inspire me. Every spread in my book – a big sketchbook that I bought at the bookstore – is like a miniature moodboard.

            My book is one of my favorite ways to pass time, and I love looking at it and thinking about one day being part of the team that creates something so inspirational. I really wanted to share some of my favorite pages in my book in the hopes of sharing some inspiration and excitement! Enjoy!!

xx g

Summer '15 Inspiration

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Untitled #185

Untitled #185 by gwenalmighty featuring white tops

Even though it’s still mid May, I wrapped up my semester last Friday, meaning summer has been in full swing for me since last week! Summer has always been the season I struggle with most when it comes to style – New York summers are hot and humid and generally very miserable – so I decided that my first post would be a sort of summer style moodboard to help myself get excited about what I’m going to wear this season.

My summer inspiration is coming from all over the place, but I’m really loving white and metallics, which is a sort of 180 from my usual all black everything look. I’ve never been super confident in white, but this summer I’m hoping to overcome that! I’m also loving fringe, destroyed denim, muscle tees, and, as usual, stripes.

I’ve put together a little inspiration set together to get my mind into the right place. I think my obsession with bags, shoes, and sunnies is super evident here. Obviously, it’s not a full list of all the things I’m loving for the summer, but rather an aesthetic look at how I’m envisioning my summer wardrobe.

Here's my small inspiration set for this summer! Enjoy!

xx g


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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First Time!

Hi, I'm Gwen and this is my first post on my new blog! This blog is going to be a space for me to document my life in a bunch of different ways - mainly through my writing, fashion, and other things that inspire me. I'll be posting things that I write, updates about my life, and some outfits and style inspiration!
I'm really excited to get started and to share this mess with anyone who ends up here!
xx g