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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Untitled #439

Untitled #439 by gwenalmighty featuring pink toss pillows

This is just a little inspiration/aesthetics set, because I've been so absolutely in love with anything and everything pink lately. The dutsy rose pink color has become one of my absolute favorites for accessories, especially interior design and makeup wise. I've yet to make it to actually wearing the color pink, so we'll have to wait around and see for that.

I'm trying to reinspire myself re: fashion right now, because I've been in such a rut lately. I feel like I hate everything in my closet and want to start all over, but obviously I don't have the money for that. I'm getting back into Polyvore (or at least trying to) and looking for new fashion bloggers and instagrammers to check out for inspiration. Hopefully I'll get back on my fashion feet and feel excited about getting dressed again soon.

Life update wise, I've been so busy lately! I have two massive papers due this Monday, because the English department here has one day where all the papers are due - like that makes sense, and another due on the 24th. Between then I'll be in Ireland and having friends come visit. On top of all that I'm trying to apply for internships and hopefully get my summer in order, which is massively stressful and scary.

This weekend my cousin Kim and her friend JJ came to visit Edinburgh, and I honestly had a great time with them. I never see Kim outside of family events, so this was really my first time experiencing her more as a friend than a family member. Together, she and JJ make an incredible and hilarious team. The two of them have perfect comedic timing together and have the best stories - hanging out with them honestly felt like being in a really good sitcom or something.

They took me out to dinner twice, which was so nice of them and such a nice break from eating pasta every single night because I can't cook anything else. Plus, JJ wanted to check out the St. James mall which I didn't even know existed. I just about lost it in John Lewis at the stationary section (especially looking at all the stuff) and the baby section melted my heart as well! I hate him for making me realize that's there, because I can kiss the rest of my money goodbye.

I should be working right now, as I've got plenty to do before I leave for Ireland, but I really want to dedicate myself more to my blogging so here I am! Tomorrow Aaron and I are going exploring, so hopefully I'll have a post on that up soon.

Until next time!
xx G

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